How to survive GCSE drama 101

( you won’t )

The studio lights blind you most days as you open the stiff door into the studio and the other days you walk into the thick black curtains and become tangled in the soft fabric as it suffocates you. This is basically my every Tuesday night for two torturous hours in a room with a ancient drama teacher who sheds dust as she walks across the studio; her teeth look like tombstones as if a zombie could launch its way out at anytime.

Anyway I digress

These are my tips to surviving GCSE drama, trust me, you’ll need them.

  1. DO NOT ANGER YOUR TEACHER –  honey if you do this the hundred year old woman will track you down and smother you in some over dramatic way while her little drama minions stand around ready to stuff you into the boot of her oddly large car.
  2. NEVER MISS A LESSON – You will most likely do a piece of group work. In my class we split into two groups and I was in that group with the one person who uses every single excuse to get out of drama. First of all drama students are already the most dramatic people in the school and as most have done stage combat, so they know how to fight for them selves and I will not tell you how much they plot against you when you miss a lesson.
  3. THEROY SUCKS BUT GET ON WITH IT – A lot of people take drama as an excuse to just run around like mad men and when it hits them they have to sit in front of a computer for two hours typing away about diction and proxemics they feel the world come falling down around them. Hunty you signed up for a G C S E what do you expect. Do your theory work because that my friend is your grade.
  4. BE ORGANISED AND DONT PROCRASTINATE- I am the most unorganised person in the world and along with that I also procrastinate everything, this is my biggest down fall. The drama system is confusing, to confusing to explain but as soon as you start to write that 1.1 piece or 1.2 piece (I will make another post on this most likely ranting) you are writing you final exam. Everything that goes into you folder goes to the final grade. Make sure you separate clearly the .1’s and .2s’s and .3’s as it will help a lot. Place any notes or set lay out in a separate place at the back as this is not important to the examiners but is to you.
  5. HAVE A CHANGE OF CLOTHES – Even if you do not do you lessons after school hours like me as a twilight a clothes change is important. Drama can be very either dull or fun but most pieces or acting work tasks may mean you need to move more freely. If you show up in a skirt and a tie the chance is the whole class will of seen your underwear before you can even get past the deadly curtains of death.


Honestly you will walk out of each drama lesson singing songs from musicals and dancing around with a guy and a girl you have a crush on but knowing neither of them will ever see you in the same way.

but by the end of the harsh two years you’ll be crawling from the grasp of the dust shedding, murderous, teacher as she yells at you to change your tone or vocal range when in all reality you just want to go home, watch mamma mia and sleep.

If you’re reading this and have survived GCSE drama you are a ghost.

Goodbye friends.